Brown Barcella

Brown Barcella ok

Musician and music obsessed since he was a teenager, he played drums in several bands (Miss Chain and The Broken Heels, Nikki Corvette and The Romeos, Snazzy Boys…) with which he recorded several albums and toured Europe and U.S.
He started working at T.U.P. Studio in 2011 after studying Sound Engineer for two years at Emit Feltrinelli. After that he’s recording, mixing and producing bands from all around the world.
He’s also DJing his 7″ collection of Beat, R’n’B, Soul, Garage, Girls Group and indie and doing live sound engineering in lot of clubs and festivals in Northern Italy.
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Alessio Lonati

Foto Ale

Multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter and record producer, he plays bass with the band Jennifer Gentle and solo as Loneriver, currently touring and writing.
He started to work at T.U.P. Studio in 2012 after studying Audio Engineering for two years at Accademia del Suono in Milan. After that he’s recorded and mixed albums of Bee Bee Sea, The Peawees and Elli de Mon.
He’s also passionate about vintage guitars and keyboards, studio setups, gear repair and techincal stuff in general.
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